Issuance for US Visa & Passport Halted for Overseas

American passportA technical problem has caused the issuance of passports and visas to halt from the overseas offices of the state department of the United State of America (USA). Whereas those who have submitted their applications for passport before the last week of May will not face any problem. The offices within the USA are not facing any problem as the operations continue smoothly. The applications for visas before June, 9 will be processed in normal routine.

Although the exact problem is not known but some reports point towards alleged hardware failure. The delay is being caused due to failure in biometric verification. This is a reason the requests for clearance are not being processed. Spokeswoman in statement confirmed that they had not found any evidence which may point towards breaching of cyber security. The people who have applied from within USA will not be affected by this issue.

Those who were waiting for the passports and visas overseas in the upcoming 10 days should contact the embassies and consulate regarding issuance of their passports and visas. The officials were expecting that the system will be back on track soon but still it will take time to clear the backlog.

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