University of Cagliari, Italy Offers PhD Scholarships

The University of Cagliari is situated in the city of Cagliari in Italy. It is a state-supported university that was established in 1606. The university comprises of several faculties among which are faculty of sciences, faculty of economic sciences, faculty of law and political sciences, faculty of biology, faculty of humanities, faculty of medicine etc. in the supervision of around 1000 teaching staff the university comprises of over 31000 students.

The University of Cagliari is International universities were students from different countries come to study. It provides international scholarships graduate and undergraduate students. Recently there is new scholarship program provided by the University for the PH.D degree.

The scholarship is provided at an award of 1137 euro per month for the course of PhD degree program. There are grants that would be paid by INPS to the successful candidates and those students who are orphans, children of the employees of university and the members who are retired from the public management.

2nd December 2013 is the last date for to submit the online application form at 12:00 PM. whereas the last date to receive the receipt of application schedule is also the same day 2nd December 3012 at 14:00 PM. Admissions would only be provided on the basis of competition for the program of research for PHD students.

There are many course offered to the student wish to do scholarship program at Cagliari university which are as follows:

Admission to graduate in economics and business.

Science and technology for innovation.

Mathematics and computer science.

Civil engineering and architecture.

Admission to graduate in legal studies.

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