Transporters Taking Higher Fares From Public In Karachi

Sindh High Court issued notification to Sindh government that bus transporters are receiving higher fares from public. However inflation ratio of petroleum price is declining on demand of transporter and public but they are not reducing their fares ratio.

Similarly bus transporters announced 7 percent reduction in the fare for the inter city service. Urban transporters stated that they would also implement revised fare schedule after receiving formal notification.

Further traffic rules and regulations is not implementing across the Sindh. That’s why traffic system and management has totally failed to solve the traffic rush problem which is occurred on daily basis..

Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah told that petroleum prices are declining during two consecutive years but transport fare is still same. Sindh government has issued fare reducing notification. However transporters are not following the notification and regulations. As well as traffic police receiving bribe from transporter and are badly affecting the traffic system. That’s why public is not receiving any relief.


Sindh Government should overhaul their traffic system and terminate corrupt police officers. They should appoint new staff and train from time to time. They have to make new system regarding check and balance for traffic management system. As well as their salaries should be increased and provide proper benefits so that they could not divert towards bribe.    

By Talha Pasha

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