State-Runned Orphanage Of India Becomes Center For Girl’s Trading

Orphanage GirlsIndia is called the second largest market of the world due to its population but the claimer of largest democracy has failed to protect the girls from the state owned orphanage house. The story was unveiled in a program on Indian television channel showed that it is very easy to buy a girl from state owned orphanage based in the state of Telangana. The Indian media had reported several times that due to poorness and ignorance, parents don’t want girls to be born because of fear of dowry and if finally girl born, they make different plans to get rid of girls.

Some parents also sell their small baby girls to any of the purchaser and government owned orphanage has become a center for girls trading in the Nalgonda district of Telangana. The price of these girls starts from 3000 rupees and goes to the maximum of 50,000 rupees, according to their skin colour and body shape. It has been also reported that the middle man plays an important part in the deal and both the buyers and the sellers contact them in order to make a final deal.

After this news broadcasted, the Chief Minister of Telangana has said that he will not tolerate this shameful act and involved persons shall be severely punished.

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