The World’s Largest Miniature parks in Istanbul – Tourist Attraction

MiniAturkAlong with scores of tourist attractions, Istanbul also is the host of World’s largest miniature park. Present at the North East end of the Golden Horn the MiniAturk is spread on 60,000 square meters and the miniature park houses more than 122 models which are present on 15000 square meters. The park is also famous as Mini Turkey Park. The models 1/25 of the size of the real structures, the models replicates the historic heritage with each fine and precise detail.

The replicated models are themselves piece of art the precise details speaks note about the skills of those who crafted and shaped all the models. The trip to the miniature park provide a perfect opportunity to have a quick look at the historic and cultural heritage of Turkey which are from the Ottoman era some of the models are replicas of the original structures present in  Istanbul while some are the replicas of the structures which are spread across Turkey.

The Mardin stone houses is one model among many models which is a beautiful and precise replication. Hagia Sofia the Church Museum, Mausoleum of Mausolus, Galata Tower, Temple of Artemis, Suleymaniya Mosque, Fairy Chimneys and the Bosphorus bridge which separates the Asian and European part of Istanbul apart. You can enter the park by paying for the ticket which costs 10 Turkish Lira.

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