Steps To Follow When Your Mobile Has Been Lost Or Stolen

Mobile users are constantly faced with a problem when their mobile phones are lost or stolen. The following steps should be immediately taken by the user of the mobile phone, if lost or stolen or it could get in the wrong hands.

At first the user should locate the IMEI number. You must always have the IMEI number of your mobile set, which is usually printed at the back of the GSM mobile phone or underneath the phone’s battery and warranty card. The sequence *#06# can also be dialled into your phone for the IMEI number. Valid devices are easily identified by the GSM network and can be used to top a stolen phone from accessing the network. Immediately call the authorities and ask them to block the phone through the IMEI number.

The user should have their cell phone number and must make sure that their SIM is registered on their names and NIC number. Then report about your mobile. It can be either done online through the online complaint form at CPLC, or you can call at CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee) 021-5682222, 6583334, Police (Rescue 15) 15 or PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) 0800-25625. These authorities will extract the basic information and then block the phone.

You can also email at and give them the basic information. Your mobile phone will be blocked within 24 hours.

Users should take necessary precautions to prevent theft of their mobile phones. Always avoid talking on your cell phones in vacant places and switch your phones to vibrators to avoid attracting attention. Set a PIN code on your phones to prevent any other person from using it.


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