A Serious Flaw Discovered In Android OS

androidBoston: A serious flaw has been discovered recently in the Android Operating System which could allow hackers to access to a users messages, videos , photos and even account passwords on their phone. This security loophole was found in Android’s software libraries which are used by applications to display advertisements.

This flaw has the potential to affect millions of people who use Android OS, arguably the worlds most popular smartphone operating system. The security flaw was discovered by Yulong Zhang and Tao Wei who are researchers at  software security company ‘FireEye’. These researchers were able to identify 93 such libraries using data from 73000 Applications and 50000 downloads from the Google Play Store.

FireEye’s researchers demonstrated the effect of these flaws and their dangers using a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android version 4.4.2. Hackers can exploit this flaw to redirect traffic from the advertising apps servers to their own servers and use it to generate fake messages to gain access to the users phone. Another alarming fact about this is that this method can be used even if the user has antivirus software installed on the phone.

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