Viber Introduced “Public Chat” in Pakistan

viberViber, the mobile messaging app, has set up an attribute called Public Chats, which permits users to pay attention in on immediate messages broadcast by brands or celebrities including Perez Hilton and Pixie Lott. Dissimilar rivals WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which point out on private chats between friends, Viber’s new feature would eventually allow any user to extinguish their chats in public, and allow others to pay attention in.

The new service marks a broader tried from Viber to continue consumers after a year of strong growth, and to boost into a broader contented stage similar to Twitter. Viber’s public chats are similar to to a meeting, with a group administrator gifted to continue rules such as preventive who would give in the conversation.

Users who download the latest version of Viber would find out a new button called “Public”. Those who click would be gained through to an option of public chats being hosted by Viber’s celebrity partners and would then hear, though they would not give. Public chats would be visible by topic, making it easier for users to find out discussions they are focused in.

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