How To Make Free Website On WordPress

wordpressCreating a free blog on WordPress is very easy. Through simple steps you can easily create an account and start blogging. Free websites have limitations attached to them and are only helpful for learning purposes. Earning money is not possible through a free blog.

You can create a website for less than Rs 5000 on WordPress and then start your own online business.Open your browser And Signup Click Here

First view the sign up form and then fill it. First enter your email address in the first box and then enter your user name and password. Type your URL name of your blog. If it is not available then try another name. You can purchase your own professional looking domain in less than Rs 1500. Now scroll down at the bottom of your page and click on ‘CREATE A BLOG’ and then go to the next step.


On the next page the blog will be set up. Type the title of your blog and in the next box, type the tag line of your blog to describe your blog topic. Select the language of your blog.


In the second step, you will be able to select the theme of your blog and then click on the next step button. The next step is the customization of your blog. This can be done later on. In the fourth step, you will connect your blog with your Facebook or twitter account to share posts.



Your blog will be created. The next box will appear that will ask you to verify your email address. Open your inbox in a separate window and open the email sent by WordPress. Confirm the link and your account will be verified. You can publish your post or skip this step. Whenever you need to publish, you will have to go to dashboard to write posts. Whenever you need to login to your account, first type in your blog URL followed by /and WP-admin, such as Enter your user name and password to login.

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