Saudi Ruler Announces $50 Million Aid For Palestinians

abdullah bin abdul azizRiyadh: Saudi ruler Shah Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has announced a donation of 50 million dollars to assist the people of Gaza who have been severely affected by the Israeli shelling since the past few days. Shah Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has made a benevolent gesture of providing financial assistance to the people of Gaza. According to the announcement, this amount will be handed over to Palestinian Bilal Ahmer.

According to one of news agencies of Saudi Arabia, the minister of treasury Dr Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz confirmed this news in his recent statement. He also stated that under the orders issued by the Saudi king Shah Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, about 200 million Saudi Riyals will be provided for the Palestinians. This money will be used to aid the injured and provide medical assistance to the displaced people of Gaza. The money will also be used to provide food and lodgings to the affectees.

The brutality of Israeli bombing since last Tuesday has left about 200 Palestinians dead and about more than a thousand injured. About more than a thousand have been displaced from their homes. Israeli has launched air attacks and has also sent armed forces to launch an attack on foot.

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