Pakistani Women Numbers Send Abroad In Last Five Years

ISLAMABAD: 7331 Pakistani women had been sent overseas in the previous five years. Due to the lack of employment and increasing poverty rate in the country many people are jobless and cant fulfill the needs of their family. Most of the people are living below poverty line in Pakistan who can’t even manage the basis needs of their life.

About 7331 women had been sent out of the country in search of employment in the past five years. Official on Saturday 16th November 2013 told the Association Press of Pakistan that those women were posted in the embassies of Pakistan in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Oman, United States of America, Norway, Canada, Malaysia and Italy as the Community Welfare Attaches (CWAs) in order to resolve the problems of Pakistani citizens in other countries.

He added that those community welfare Attaches look at the problems quickly and took it to the concerned authorities. He also remarked that they would provide them with legal support and suitable actions would also be taken in order to resolve the problem of overseas Pakistani women.

The document states that about 2.7 million Pakistanis had migrated abroad in search of jobs which makes a number of 27, 19865 people in the previous five years.

In the recent year till August 2013 an approximate number of 4, 20,788 workers had been migrated overseas to find jobs. Out of the total 4, 20,788 workers who went abroad this year there were 568 teachers, 197 nurses, 698 doctors and 3047 engineers.

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