Important Personalities Who Inspired By Islam

1Shankar Raja Hindustani musician was the youngest Music director of South Asia youth. He has recently been inspired by the teachings of Islam and Muslims after his mother passed away. Shankar Raja said in an interview that his parents were staunch Hindus and their beliefs were so strong that the glass breaks into the house, they were calling a priest. In 2011, after the death of his mother, He got hurt a lot because he was quite closer to her mother. He said that after his mother dead he paid to sit on the line and he wept bitterly and ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty. The incident was fresh in his soul, and then he began to study the Qur’an in 2011.  I remember that my mother used to sit when he felt so heavy by heart. The father was aware of his decision and he opposed it in the end, but his brother and sister, and she gave him enough strength to become a Muslim.

333Indian singer Hans Raj Hans for all lovers of music, but he says I am proud that I have embraced Islam and now my name is Mohammad Yousuf. My name will remain in the area. He said that most closely studied Islam and what we heard from our elders, I decided to convert to Islam and today I am proud to be Muslim. They argued that the love, peace and brotherhood teach relaxed after Muslim cannot express it in words. He said that music was my subject, but he did not understand the politics, Bollywood wealth, fame, but now I want to live my life to improving life.

3Attractive actress Sharmila Tagore, who was awarded the Padma, the late Mansoor Ali Pataudi married after falling in love before embracing Islam, by birth she was a Hindu but converted to Islam and changed her name after marriage Ayesha Begum placed.  The couple has three children, actor Saif Ali Khan, designer Saba Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan. Her husband Mansoor Ali Khan passed away on 20th September 2011.


darmindarDharmendar whose birth name is Dharam Singh Deol, a charismatic hero of Indian cinema is considered. He proved himself the romance and action hero in both movies, Dharmendra made his place in viewer’s hearts. “Seeta Aur Geeta”, “Sholay”, “Swami”, “Dream Girl”, “Dharam Veer”, “Shalimar”, “Ram Balram” acted in such memorable films. In 1979, he converted to Islam before getting marriage with Hema Malini. He embraced Islam but did not leave the Hindu religion.


A.R RehmanThe name A.R. Rahman needs no introduction. He was born in a Hindu family. A.R. Rehman got inspired by the teaching of Islam. Afterwards his Mother and his family had to accept that his son Dilip believe is right, and his mother and entire family converted to Islam. Allah Rakha Rahman was named as Dilip.

Rahman’s music does not need any awards, but they get all the awards they probably still could not find any Indian musician. AR Rahman, Golden Globe, Critics Choice satellite and received four national awards at the national level and have seven Filmfare awards. Rahman’s music is very popular in Tamil films and the industry has given him a 212 awards. In 2005 he built a modern fully equipped studio at that time is considered Asia’s largest studio. Western melodies in his music ever heard the voice of the ever flowing fountains and classical music, sometimes mystical, sometimes jazz discussions.

Actor Amrita Singh, born as Sikh, in 1983, a career in the Bollywood she gave several hit movies to the industry of Indian. She worked with different actor in her career. However, she was born in Sikh religion. But now she is recognized as Amrita Saif Ali Khan, She accepted Islam before marriage, but after thirteen years of marriage in 2004 they got separated. Interestingly, the current wife of actor Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor has not converted to Islam after marriage.


mumtaMamta Kulkarni was born on 20 April 1972 in Mumbai; she spent most of her life in Mumbai. Mamta Kulkarni was considered a bold actress in Bollywood and she was active from 1991 to 2002 and in the Bollywood film industry, then dies away from showbiz because of her personal engagements.

Mamta Kulkarni She lived with Wiki gawsuami in UAE recent days. He was sentenced to 25 years in drugs trial in the UAE. Meanwhile, the couple converted to Islam, which reduced his sentence and was released in November 2012.


mohammad AliMohammad Ali as Marcellus Clay Jr. was born January 17, 1942 is a former American boxer who became the 20th century’s greatest player. Three times he was the greatest of the world boxing World Heavyweight boxing champion, won the Olympic gold medal, won North American Boxing Federation championship. The three-time world heavyweight boxing championship win was the first boxer.

In February 1964, Clay time boxing world champion Sonny Liston challenge Mohammad Ali and beat him in the sixth round of a competition. Then he continued his time in seven contests wing beat boxing greats. After this victory he converted into Islam and he put his name to Mohammad Ali. Mohammad Ali said that Clay was a slave name, Mohammad Ali tics of the disease, and his health is going down day by day.

yousufPakistan’s leading batsman Yusuf was born in August 1974 in Lahore a Christian by birth. In 1998 he became a member of the Pakistan team in 2006 when his art was seen at the height and the first non-Muslim to represent Pakistan cricket team, has formally publicized his converting to Islam. Yousaf said he had accepted Islam and his new name was Mohammad Yousuf. Youhana had become a Muslim along with his wife and children. “My Islamic name is Muhammad Yousuf and my wife’s name is now Fatima from Tania”. The cricketer said there will be no non-Muslim in Pakistan given the Muslims became true believers and begin pursuing in the path of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). One day Islam will be the world’s only best religion

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