Saudi Government Made Easy To The Families Of Foreigners For Searching Job

saudiSaudi government made extremely easy to the families of foreigners for searching job. According to sources, Saudi Ministry of Labor has announced employing in the private schools since it has been explained that the facility will be available for an individual family. According to official, in a family a person over 18 years of age and must have sponsorship.

According to sources, a person will be allowed to work in Private schools. Need to get a certificate from the Ministry of Education for the acquisition of job.[alert-success]This program through website is being introduced from the beginning of next week. Successful candidates will be given a certificate of employment at the school a fee of 150 Saudi Riyal. This would be in charge of the institution to provide jobs.[/alert-success]

Saudi government made simple to the families of foreigners for searching job. This certificate shall be issued by the Ministry of Labour, the term shall be one year, after which it will need to be renewed. This sponsorship for employment shall be required to transfer the existing sponsorship would be acceptable.

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