How To Registration of NGOs In Pakistan

How To Registration of NGOs In PakistanPakistan is a country with a quickly rising population, most of which stays below the scarcity line. abandon of the lower cadres of population by successive governments in pakistan provide increase to the require of exchange Organizations addressing the core issues of illiteracy, health problems and many others had to face by the ‘have nots’. These bodies and Organizations satisfying the human development wants gap are normally known as NGOs – Non- governmental Organizations OR more recently as NPOs- Non-Profit organisations.


Registration of NGOs

As regards the institution of NGOs on provincial level, the application would be provided to the Social Welfare official of the district related indicating the planned name of the NGO.

Required Documents

  • Constitution of NGO
  • List of members of the Executive body.
  • List of members of the General body.
  • Joint bank account statement.
  • Performance of the NGO of six months.
  • The objectives of the NGO i.e. provision of health services, child welfare etc, stating that the NGO would make better services to the areas in which it would work afterdoing the aid from the government.


  • The Social Welfare Officer would provide the case with his advices to the Director General of Social Welfare Department of Provincial Headquarters related for agreement of providing of registration. certificate.
  • After receipt of the approval from Director General of the Provincial Headquarters, the Social Welfare Officer of the district will issue the registration certificate to the NGO.

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