Canadian Immigration – Apply As Investor & Business Class

Canndian-immigartionThe Canadian government opens this development in 1986 to take successful businessmen into Canada. Since then, more than 18000 foreign sponsors have obtained Canadian immigration in Canada. The plan is still valid with all its request and profits.


  • Businessmen getting assets of at smallest amount 8 lack Canadian dollar would relate single or with family.
  • No diploma or certification is necessary.
  • This capital ought to be invested at the regional level in any small or medium business business enterprise, so as to make jobs and employment chance along with contributing to economic development.

Note: if you put 1 lack and 20,000 dollars in any Canadian bank, they would provide a loan worth 4 lack without any require to certification or declaration.

  • In case of complete documents, there is no requirement for an interview.
  • You along with your family will need to clear the medical tests and submit police reports for character verification.

Time Frame required for Immigration

If an interview is needed you would be asked to come within 6 to 9 months. After completing the entire process from within 12 to 15 months you would be provided permanent residence visa

Stay Duration

After you obtained the permanent residence permit, you would use up to 3 years out of every 5, overseas Canada. If the time is used outside of Canada go beyond this time period, it would force your permanent residence status pessimistically.


After three years of live in Canada you along with your family can relate to Canadian citizenship / Canadian passport. your future generations here would be Canadian nationality by birth.

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