Iran Visa Application Procedure From Pakistan

Azadi Tower IranEach year thousands of pilgrims and tourist travel to Iran where the visit religious shrines and historical locations. Due to large number of visa applications Iran has made the application procedure simple and easy.

Recently it launched online e-visa service after which applicants can apply for Iranian visa from the comfort of home without any paper work involved.

How To Apply For E-Visa?

The online method to apply for an Iranian visa is very simple which can be completed in few minutes. Follow these steps to submit your application successfully:

1) Open the official portal of e-visa
2) Provide your basic details such as country from you belong and the embassy/consulate from where you want to receive your visa
3) Attach your recent photo and image of your passport
4) Provide personal data such as name, father name, gender, date of birth & occupation
5) Provide contact information such as address, email, phone number and accommodation details in Iran.
6) Details of your passport
7) Information about your trip such as the duration of your stay.
8) Select the type of visa such as tourism, business or family visit
9) Pay the visa processing fee
10) Submit the application and you will be given a reference no. for your application

All correspondence will be done after this through the email address you provided. So make sure that you provide the correct email address.

Documents required:

The common documents which will be required with your visa application include:

  • Passport with 8 months validity
  • Travel Plan
  • CV detailing your education, work experience and current job’
  • Digital personal photo
  • Digital image of passport

The requirement for documents will remain same but for other types of visa such as work visa will require other documents including employment contract. Similarly family visit will require an invitation from family members.

Processing Fees & Duration:

The processing fee of visa applications for Iran is nominal, for Pakistanis a normal Iranian visa will cost a total of $84.

The process will take at least 15 working days, in some cases it might take more days depending on the type of visa such as work visa, temporary or permanent residence will take more days then a tourist visa which is usually processed within a week.

For more information and details contact Iranian Embassy at:
Address: Plots  No. 222-238 Street no.2 G 5/1 Diplomatic enclave , Islamabad
Phone Number: 8318901-4
Consular Section: 8318917

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