Overseas Pakistani’s Can Now Call At Cheap Call Rates To Pakistan!

ptaIslamabad: The chairman of Pakistan telecommunication, Dr Ismail Shah, stated earlier that the government has removed the levy on the calls coming from abroad, which means that the overseas Pakistani’s living in United Arab Emirates, Britain, America, Korea, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Europe and Malaysia can call at very cheap call rates to Pakistan. It will be possible to send a fax from Saudi Arab. For the current financial year 2014-15, the Pakistani’s can call at 2 to 3 cents per minute instead of 8.8 cents per minute.

A revolutionary decision has been taken by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Federal Minter of Treasury Ishaq Daar and Minister of Health Information Technology Anousha Rahman to eliminate 2.9 cent per minute levy on international calls. The chairman of PTA said that the Grey Traffic used to cost billions of dollars to the Country’s financial reserves and fortunately this government has been able to finish this levy.

The chairman of PTA also said that the traffic will be reduced enormously and the overseas Pakistani’s will be able to call at low rates. The country’s economy will benefit from this as more calls will be made from abroad. The cutting down of call rates is timely with respect to the upcoming month of Hajj, which will facilitate the pilgrims during their Hajj and Umrah as they will be able to call at low rates to Pakistan

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