Useful And Amazing Tips of Facebook 2014

Ifacebookt is amazing that despite using so much time on Facebook on a daily basis, lots of us are not aware about the marvelous Facebook tricks that are easy and yet are not documented well over the web. Here, Akhbar Nama is presenting some of those cool tricks for Facebook that you would simply like to perform next time whenever you would get into to your Facebook account as per your need and desire.

  • Display only selected images on your profile page

To achieve this task, you require going to Settings by selecting the gear icon from the right hand place of your Facebook page. Then, you require to basically going to Privacy Settings and Tools. There, you would observe ‘Who can see my stuff?’ In this section, you require to select the custom button and type the name of your chose friends who is able to analysis all images of your profile page.


  • Dispose of those nasty Facebook advertisements

If you have a blog and you are exhausted of posting the blog posts on your Facebook wall then there is a Facebook trick that permits doing this task without any hassle. There is a WordBook Plug-in that permits this in an amazing manner.


  •  Facebook trick to conceal online status during chat from selected contacts

You require clicking at the gear icon of your chat list to conceal the friends with whom you do not desire to chat. You are able to anytime alter the setting to again resuming chatting with them.


  •  Befriend someone and conceal it from your Facebook status update

You need just go to the status update section and select the name of a person from whom you would like to conceal your status update.



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