Human Physique, Health & Intelligence to change after 1000 Years

Human beingScientists have surprised people by revealing that human physique, health and intelligence will change after 1000 years. According to the scientists, people who appear more healthy and attractive after 1000 as compare to people these days. In media reports, scientists also told that small robots will take place in our body which will bring change in our personalities by making our body stronger, healthier and attractive.

Scientists further told that people will be less dependent on their own body as these small robots will do our all work by themselves. However these small robots will not separate from human beings as they will work themselves inside the human body. Moreover, American scientists told according to their opinions that changes will also appear in the human body according to the changing in weather and ground temperature and it is also expected that color of human eyes will be converted into reddish tone. However these changes in human being will make them more beautiful and healthier in looks, scientists added.

After these amazing declarations of scientists, people have started to imagine their future in which they are expected to look healthier, stronger and beautiful than before.

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