Muslim woman Poured in alcohol in Birmingham attack on a train

attack on Muslim womanAttacks on Muslim in Birmingham is not new in town as lots of several cases have been emerged regarding hate attacks on Muslim in Birmingham. According to the details, researchers from Birmingham City University and Nottingham Trent University have have revealed another violent incident in which Muslim woman poured in alcohol during the running train by the attackers.

A victimized woman told researchers that everyone in a train was watching her but did not take any action against those attackers and remained silent. Similarly another participant told researchers that a man shouted on him and his Muslim friends in a bus while saying that ‘You are terrorists, I’m gonna come to the back of the bus and stab you’ after which he asked the driver to stop a bus and called the police immediately but he refused to do so.

However media has reported that most of the Muslim women are used to uncover their head from scarfs and men used to shave their beards in order to hide their Muslim identity. Meanwhile reports also disclosed some other evidences in which men are not submitting reports of attacks both online and in real life due to fear of being weak against attackers. However people is social media has rejected such claims that Muslims expats are doing so and criticized the “Islamophobic terrorists” and the UK government to protect the rights of Muslims.

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