Lahore Police Unable To Arrest A Gang Of Female Robbers

A gang of girls has wreakedLahore: A gang of girls has wreaked havoc in Lahore by robbing people and escaping the hands of the law. The gang consists of beautiful girls, who would ask passing cars for a lift and then robbed the person in the car and escaped successfully. Police were unable to catch these girls, but a few days back the gang of girls was arrested in the Defence area of the police sector. The girls were caught red handed with their hands full of the loot.

After the arrest was made, this gang didn’t cease with their activity, but decided to overcome their flaw and came up with another strategy that would make their escape fool proof. Now this gang of girls used ambulances to hide from the police and targeted shops in the dark of the night. The ambulances shielded them, while they broke into the shops to take handsome loot. These veiled girls recently came in an ambulance and robbed a Pharmacy located in the Shadman area.

The entire incident was captured by the CCTV cameras which allowed the police to know their method of robbing and how they were able to evade the police. But did you think that this useful piece of information would have helped the police catch these girls? Sadly no, the police are still bewildered and have not been able to arrest these criminal damsels to date.

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