Musharraf Ordered The Unconstitutional Action

mushrafThe top court had held in clear-cut terms after tentative all record and verification that it was only General Pervez Musharraf who took decision and ordered the unconstitutional action in his person capacity just to anticipate a possible unfavorable judgement in Wajihuddin Ahmad case. In fact, General Musharraf was willing to pull the institution of army into his case to set aside his skin which is not likely because of the simplicity in the top court judgement, orders and rulings.

In the operational part of the judgement, during declaring acts as unconstitutional, illegal and of no effect, the top court evidently revealed that all these acts were taken by former Chief of Army Staff General Musharraf.

The SC order that had stated the act of Musharraf as unconstitutional, illegal had unmistakably ruled: “The statement was made in the public statement of Emergency (by Musharraf) that the circumstances was reconsidered in meetings with the prime minister, governors, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Vice Chief of Army Staff, Chiefs of the Armed Forces, and Corps Commanders of the Pakistan Army, and emergency was declared in pursuance of the discussions and judgment of the said meetings, was incorrect. The declaration of Emergency originated, which was obvious from the words ‘I, General Pervez Musharraf…….’, used in it.”

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