Additional Train Service By Pakistan Railway Authority For Eid

Lahore: The Pakistan Railway authority have decided to have additional train services for Eid-ul-Fitr in order to deal with the increasing rush of the people commuting to different areas of the city at the time of Eid. The railway authorities will have 11 special trains for different cities of Pakistan. In this respect, the first train will be started on 26th July from Karachi Cantt at 11 in the morning. This train will go via Lahore and will reach Peshawar the next day at 9:30.

The next train will be started by the Railway authority from Karachi Cantt at 8:30PM and will go through Lahore to reach Rawalpindi station at 2:30Am the next day. The third train will start from Quetta at 11:30AM and will go through Rohri, RahimYar Khan Okara to reach Peshawar Cantt at 10:30PM. The fourth train will start from Karachi Cantt on 27th July at 11PM and will go through Multan, Faisalabad and Multan Cantt to reach Lahore at 10:30AM the next day. The fifth special train will start from Rawalpindi on 28th July at 7AM and will go via Hassanabdal, Bosaal, and Mianwaali to reach Multan at 10PM the same day.

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The sixth special train will initiate from Peshawar Cantt at 11AM to reach Lahore at 8:30PM the same day. The seventh special train will start from Peshawar Cantt at 4PM to reach Lahore at 2AM the next day early morning. The eighth special train will start on 29th July from Lahore at 12:30AM at midnight to reach Multan at 6:15AM early morning. The ninth special train will leave from Multan Cantt on 30th July at 9AM to reach Karachi Cantt at 11PM. The tenth special train will leave from Lahore at 2PM and will pass through Faisalabad and Multan to reach Karachi Cantt at 12:30PM noon. The eleventh special train will leave from Lahore on 1st August at 4PM to reach Karachi Cantt at 2PM the next day.

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