Improving Financial Condition Of Pakistan

Mayor of Kibichou Town of Japan, Yamamoto Masanori has said that the situation of Pakistan and business hub Karachi is going towards betterment regarding investment and security. Despite negative advisories he preferred to visit the Karachi city. It is one of the top metropolitan cities in the world. That’s why concerned department is taking interest to visit Pakistan and improving negative impact of Karachi and Pakistan. The future of Karachi is very bright.

Mayor of Kibichou Town of Japan was speaking at a meeting with officials, bearers and management committee personal of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). At this moment KCCI president Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Senior Vice President Asif Nisar, Assistant Vice President Mohammad Younus Somroo, Chairman Diplomatic Mission Abdul Ghaffar, Former President A.Q Khalil and Senior Management attended the meeting.

Yamamoto Masanori told that the purpose of his visit to explore for business products and services between Karachi and Kibichou Town. Owing to which trade will be enhanced as long as both countries will enjoy cordial relations and strong business relations. He invited KCCI to send its delegation visit in Japan Kibichou town and its cities.

KCCI president Shamim Ahmed Firpo told that more than 76 companies are working in Pakistan and our trade volume increased up to $1.76 billion between 2015 and 2016.


Pakistan should focus on automobile industry. Our engineer should get regular training from Japanese engineer. We should also take advice for railway system.

By Talha Pasha

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