Malaysia Launches First Airline Compliant To Islamic Principles

Rayani AirIn the previous articles, we have shared how to buy cheap airline tickets and important airline luggage tips, and now we are sharing about Islamic airline of Malaysia. The first airline compliant to Islamic principles, Rayani Air has started its flight operations in Malaysia. First flight of Rayani Air had flew from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and landed in Langkawi. All the passengers of maiden flight of Malaysia’s first Islamic airline have been served Halal food and passengers have not been served alcohol drinks and all other non-Halal food during the journey. You can also read how Pakistanis can apply for Malaysian Visa.

The management of Rayani Air has taken this initiative to provide the environment and food to all the passengers which is according to the Islamic principles or Shariah. On the launching moments of the first Islamic airline of Malaysia, the managing director of Rayani Air, Jaafar Zamhari has said that it is necessary for all the Muslim women of flight crew to wear Hijab, however non-Muslim women of flight crew would be seen in decent dress. He told that before the take-off, Prayers will be also recited in the airline. According to Jaafar Zamhari, Rayani Air is the first airline of Malaysia which has started its operations compliant to Islamic principles.

In order to make the airline fully according to the Shariah, Zamhari also hoped that the further changes will be bring in future.

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