Lala Musa Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

Lala Musa is a moderate speed and popular train that is running in the country from the year 2005. The train carries the passenger between Lala Musa and Sargodha. The train starts its journey from Sargodha an stop named 137 up and ends its journey at Lala Musa Junction named 138 down.

Timings from 137 Up Sarghoda to LalaMusa

Sargodha to Ajn.Ala:

The train leaves Sarghoda Jn at 15:15 arrives at Ajn.Ala at 15:35.

Later, the train continues its journey with little stops at Bhalwal by 14:43, Phularwan at 16:00, Ratto Kala at 16:8, Mona at 16:15. Within 7 minutes train reaches the next stop Pind Mukko at 16:23, heads to Pakhiwal, then Ban Mianwala (Halt) and reached here at 16:35. Lala Musa Express from Halt heads to further journey with little stops passing stations of Chak Saida at 16:43.

Malakwal Jn and Hariah:

Malakwal Jn at 16:55, here the train takes a stop for 10 minutes so that people can do necessary things. Then it heads forward and reaches Hariah at 17:16, here again it stops for 10 minutes till 17:26 so that passengers may buy the things of necessity.

Hariah to Final Destination:

The train From here it continues with little stops and passes Mandi Baha-Ud-Din at 17:45, Chilianwala at 17:58, Chak Sher Muhammad at 18:04, Dinga at 18:12, Jaurah Karana at 18:25, Akhtar Karana at 18:33 and finally reaches at Lala Musa Jn at 18:45.

Lala Musa Express Timings from 138 DN Lalamusa to Sargodha

Lala Musa to Malakwal:

Departure of train is from Lala Musa Jn at 10:30. From here train heads to a long journey with little stop will it reaches Malakwal Jn. The stop which train touches in between are Lala Musa and Malakwal Jn are Akhtar Karnana at 10:41, Jaurah Karnana at 10:49, Dinga at 11:04, Chak Sher Muhammad at 11:12, Chilianwala at 11:18, Mandi Baha-Ud-Din at 11:31, Ala at 11:44,Haria at 11:54 and finally Malakwal Jn at 12:10 where the train stops for 10 minutes.

From Chak Saida to Phularwan:

From here train heads zealously and passes Chak Saida at 12:26, Ban Mianwala (Halt) at 12:32, Pakhowal at 12:39, Pind Mukko at 12.45, Mona at 12:53, Ratto Kala at 13:00 till it reaches Phularwan in 10 minutes from previous stop. Here the train again takes a break for 10 minutes and heads to Sargodha Jn.

Phularwan to Sargodha:

From Phularwan to Sargodha in between it touches two stops Bhalwal at 13:36 and Ajn.Ala at 13:48 till it finally reaches its destination Sargodha at 14:10.

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