Kuwait & Saudi Arabia Ranked Worst For Labor & Professionals

InterNations revealed its latest report ranking countries which was based on the reviews of 14,300 expats who live and work in those countries though they belong from other countries. The best countries for professionals and labors were:

1) Taiwan
2) Malta
3) Ecuador
4) Mexico
5) New Zealand
6) Costa Rica
7) Australia
8) Austria
9) Luxembourg
10) Czech Republic

While the worst countries for expats were as follows:

1) Kuwait
2) Greece
3) Nigeria
4) Brazil
5) Saudi Arabia
6) Egypt
7) Mozambique
8) Qatar
9) Italy
10) Tanzania

UAE fall dramatically in the ranking because of cost of living from 19th position it came to 40th position. Among Middle Eastern countries Bahrain was at best at 19th position and Oman with 22nd rank.

The ranking was based on many different aspects such as healthcare, safety, nature of locals, language, education and childcare.

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