How Pakistani Can Apply Saudi Motorcycle & Heavy Vehicle Driving License

Driver License ApplicationThere are many Pakistani citizens who are working in Saudi Arabia for many decades. Due to high paid salaries and stable economic conditions, Pakistani citizens continuously going to Saudi Arabia in a large number but the fact is that they are not aware of the Laws, Rules and Regulations of many things such as Driving License. So here we explain some guidelines and tips for those Pakistani citizens who are working in Saudi Arabia and willing to apply for Motorcycle, Car and Heavy Vehicle Driving License.

Required Documents For Motorcycle And Heavy Vehicle License

  • First of all, before applying for driving license you must have your country license which is translated into Arabic language.
  • Blood group and Eye test report from any Saudi hospital or laboratory.
  • Copy of Resident Permit or Iqama.
  • Copy of your Passport with both front and back sheets.
  • Four passport size photos with only white background.

Procedure Of Driving License Application

  • First of all, pay online fee through the broker against you Iqama.
  • The license issuing fees for Private car and motorcycle is 75 Saudi Riyal, however if you are applying for Public license you have to pay the fee of 150 SR. This fee is for Pakistani or other foreign applicants.
  • Just go to any driving school in Saudi Arabia with all your documents. Early hours of working time is suitable for this.
  • Find photocopy shop which are probably outside or near to all driving schools and asked them to make your file by paying them standard amount of 10 SR.
  • Enter in the driving school and get your eye test.
  • After eye test, they will stamp at your application to verify.
  • Get your license to be checked by them at the particular driving school.
  • Now take the initial driving trail and keep your Iqama with you.
  • Before the driving test, adjust your seat belt, back view mirror, hand break and seat according to the accelerator. Drive slowly specially at round-about.
  • The tester will write the word ā€œIā€ (alif) on your form if you get succeeded. But if you fail, make a new file and try after 2-3 days. Attend the classes at the driving school if you had some problem while driving.
  • Go to the counter to print a form and pay the fee off 100 SR for instruction class probably held on the same day. They will give you a slip and make your file held.
  • Attend the class with this slip at the given time.
  • Go to the particular school next day with the slip and submit it inside the examination room for computer testing and wait.
  • Take the examination at your turn and give your final trial after computer testing examination.
  • If you pass the examination, come back to the waiting room and they will give back your file but if you fail, you will be given slip once again for the next test after one week. There are total 3 tries on one slip.
  • Take you file to the counter and submit it there with your submitted license fee proof and wait for your license.
  • Your name will be announced after 10 to 15 minutes. Go to the counter and take your driving license.
  • The procedure is same for all types of driving licenses for Cars, Heavy Vehicles and Motorcycles.

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