Kashmiri Students Attacked In India For Cheering Pakistan Cricket Team

KashmirisSrinagar : Hindu extremists attacked and injured 12 Kashmiri students in the hostel of a private college in Mohali region of Indian Punjab while they were watching a cricket match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. According to sources, the Kashmiri students told that they were attacked by Hindu extremists when they were entertaining Pakistan-Sri Lanka match on television. At least 12 Kashmiri students were injured. “Warden Sandeep Singh arrived around 10 p.m. and told us to switch off the match. He mistreated and started abusing us for watching the cricket match of Pakistan,” they said.

The students told in addition that they objected to the insulting speech of the keeper and asked him that they would move up the issue with the college authorities. “Singh called some students of the college. In a jiffy, students came up with iron rods, knifes and other weapons and beat us. The total number of Kashmiri students registered in the college is approximately 250 while other students are around 750,” they said.

The Kashmiri students said that people gathered outside the college to attack them again on Wednesday morning. “The keeper brought about the local population against us. People were waiting outside the premises of college to attack us The students said, observing the condition going out of hand, 15-day holidays have been announced by the college authorities. “We are going to leave the college and are returning to our homes,” they said.

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