Town Suspends Pizza Due to Increased Pollution

Pizza_BanIn the previous article, we have shared a study which had revealed the reasons due to which people loves to eat pizza, but now some side effects of pizza have been unveiled. According to the media reports, temporary ban to make pizza has been imposed due to increasing pollution in San Valentino, city in Italy. Mayor of San Valentino has imposed ban to make pizza and other bakery items with the traditional way of using coal and wood. This ban would be imposed until and unless the makers of pizza and bakery items will not started using pollution filtration system. Also read Pizza Hut tried to boost its sales by giving 40 percent discount.

According to the media reports, this ban has been initially imposed until 31st March, 2016 but if pollution filtration system will not be used by the pizza makers and bakeries during this period, this would be further increased. All the violators will have to pay fine of 1130 US Dollars. Recent statistics have showed that air pollution has been increased in the last few years in San Valentino, and the city has been declared most polluted, even more than Chinese capital, Beijing.

It is to be noted that pollution has become a major problem round the globe and experts have warned all the world leaders to seriously adopt some useful measures against this problem.

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