Iran Has Shot Down An Israeli Drone

iranAccording to resources, in an article on August 24, Iran has shot down an Israeli drone flying over the nuclear site at Natanz, located in the heart of the country. The latter is the main site of Iran’s uranium enrichment. The Natanz nuclear site is positioned 300 km (185 miles) south of the capital, Tehran. The Revolutionary Guards say in an official statement, they fired a missile at the stealth drone approaching the region where nuclear facilities are located.

Iranian authorities have, however, not specified or the date of the appearance of the machine, the circumstances of their response nor the manner of identification which establishes that the missile is automatically Israel. Natanz is the primary site of Iran’s uranium enrichment. It contains, according to data peddled by many observers, more than 16,000 centrifuges. The Revolutionary Guard said the drone was present, flying over the nuclear facility in Natanz.

If this is the case, the fact that this drone has managed to come so close to these facilities, raises questions about the ability to detect such intrusions available to Iran. In the past, Israel has often threatened with a demonstration of  UN to attack nuclear facilities in Iran. A showdown is open for years between the two countries.

World powers, who say they speak on behalf of the international community, are negotiating for years with Iran over its nuclear program. They doubt that the country has Mullahs enrichment projects uranium for civilian energy, accusing it to have devastating atomic bombs.

For its part Tehran insists it wants to keep the operation of nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes. But without confidence, critics including the side of Israel, have shown insistent that it is only a facade, to produce nuclear weapons is Iran’s goal.

Israeli officials interviewed by several media about it because of the destruction of the drone, refused to provide any comment. Seeking an honorable way out massacres of the Palestinian people in Gaza, the Israeli military is engaged in several diversions to avoid the impact of more than 2,000 dead, including 500 children, in the Palestinian enclave shelled for days with heavy weapons .

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