Nawaz Sharif’s Letter To Indian Counterpart Stating His Desire To Work For The People

nawaz sharif and narendra modiNew Delhi: Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has written a letter to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi to express his gratitude for the Indian prime minister’s hospitality and to say that the future of the people of both the states is linked to economic progress. He said that he was ready to cooperate with India to work in the best interest of both the states.

According to the information of the Pakistani High Commission, the letter was dispatched to the Indian Prime Minister’s House, in which Nawaz Sharif further stated that he was satisfied with his visit to India last month and that they were able to hold talks on subjects of common interest in detail. He also wrote that his meeting with Narendra Modi was in a friendly atmosphere.

Nawaz Sharif also wrote that the hopes of millions of people of both the states were attached to us and that the Pakistani and Indian public could be made happy through our efforts. He also wrote that through his hospitality, the Indian prime minister had maintained the custom of the subcontinent. According to sources, the Pakistani prime minister has written the letter himself, disregarding all protocols.

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