How Indian National Can Apply For Pakistani Visa

Pakistani Visa For Indians

Pakistan and India are the two Neighboring countries due to which many of the Indian Nationals want to visit Pakistan but they required to get a Valid Pakistani Visa to visit Pakistan. So if any Indian National wants to apply for the Pakistani visa to travel, he/she must follow the rules and regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan.

Rules and Regulations to Apply for Pakistani Visa

  • Indian Nationals applying for the Pakistani Visa must have their National Passport which is valid for at least one year.
  • Secondly, they are required to fill in Application form while all the information provided by the candidate in the Visa application must be correct.
  • Application forms either through Pakistan Mission abroad or Interior Division are annexed.
  • Currently, Visa fee for applying to visit Pakistan is Rupees 15 only with inclusive of all charges for issuance, extension or Transit Visa.
  • The Embassies or Pakistani High Commissions are opened in all the working days of week from Monday to Friday to deal with the Visa matters.

Types of Visa

There are multiple types of Pakistani Visa for the Indian Nationals like Visitors Visa, Transit Visa and Tourist Visa.

  • Visitors Visa are issued to meet friends and relatives of the Indian Nationals in Pakistan.
  • Transit visa is for 72 hours to stay in the city or port.
  • Tourist visa is valid for 14 days.

However Visitors visa is also issued to the Indian Businessman for 6 months with 3 entries. While Indian Nationals applying for Pakistani visa must require to fill the visa application form with all the necessary documents mentioned in the form and submit it in the Pakistani High Commissions or Embassies, in order to visit Pakistan legally.


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