How Pakistanis Can Apply For Emirates ID?

Emirates ID application would be connected with Visa stamping form. Write Medical & ID application and go for Medical first, then perform fingerprint at EIDA Centre near Medical Clinic. No require meeting for new visa holders. No require fingerprint for children below 15 years of age.

Write Application, Original Passport and Original Visa
Registration fees: AED 170 per year (270 / 370)


how-to-apply-Emirates ID

ID Renewal and VISA Renewal

Labour Card provided by Ministry of Labour is changed with Emirates ID. At the time labour examination, only Emirates ID to be mentioned to the inspectors.
Emirates ID application has to be connected with Visa renewal form. No require fingerprint for ID card renewal. But you have to make sure your ID application which you expected from Typing Centre. If your previous  fingerprint was not matched in Emirates ID system it would inquire you to perform it again. Then you would move to any of the ID Centre connected to Medical Clinic.
Fees: according to your visa renewal period (Dh 270/370). Renewed Card would move through Emirates Post after visa transformed in the passport.

[alert-success]Incase your visa stamped without typing Emirates ID form, you should apply for Emirates ID within 15 days from the date of your visa stamped on the passport. Otherwise Dh20 fine will be charged per day after 15 days. if the last card was expired.[/alert-success]

FEES FREE: No renewal fees for applicants whose age is above 80 years. You require to disburse only typing charge.

Emirates ID Call Centre number: 6005 30003

CHILDREN (Below 15 years old): Original Passport, Original Visa (for new visa holder), One photo with white background (Eyeglasses not allowed), Original Birth Certificate.
In case Birth Certificate is not available, applicant can scan one of the following:
– Father’s Passport
– Father’s Residency for Residents / Expats
– Father’s Entry Permit for Expats
– Father’s Emirates ID front and back side

Documents Required for Newborn Baby’s ID: Original Passport, Original Birth Certificate, One photo with white background, Father’s Original Passport.

Registration centers for New Visa Holders:
Timing: 7:30am to 3:30pm (Sunday to Thursday)
Al Baraha, Al Baraha Hospital, Gate No.2, Tel: 04-255 0081
Al Qouze Mall, Al Qouze Ind-3, Next to Al kabayel Centre

Timing: 7am to 9:30pm (Sunday to Thursday)
Satwa, Opp. Medical Centre, Near Post Office/Bus Stand

Timing: 24 Hours (Friday Holiday, Sat: 7:30am to 9:30pm)
Muhaisina: Next to Medical Centre, Behind Graveyard, Street No.8, RTA Bus No. 13 go to that area.
Location of Al Muhaisnah Medical Centre

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