Guidelines for safety of Pakistani immigrants in Saudi Arabia

Here are some precautions for the Pakistanis living  & working in Saudi Arabia regarding the recent ongoing search operation. Be careful while going out of your house. When you go out make sure that you have kept your identity card with you or some documents that are important for your identification.

You have to work only in the place that is mentioned in your identity card or your documents. Keep in mind that working in a place which is not mentioned in your identity card or documents can be dangerous as the situation for the immigrants in the country is very much critical these days.

Do not keep with you anything that is useless or is not in your use. Only keep the useful documents with you when you go out. Once again as a remainder you have to keep all your identification documents with you that prove that you are not living illegally in the country.

The ministry of labor of Saudi Arabia said that they would not conduct any search operations in houses. So the as per the safety precautions the Pakistanis immigrants should be careful in such matters and do not allow any police officer in your house before seeing his identity.

Please don’t allow any illegal person to stay in your house. It can be harmful for you as the government is targeting only the illegal citizens. So don’t risk yourself try to stay safe. We pray that God keeps you all brothers in his protection.

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