Girls’ Mobile Numbers Misused in Pakistan

As from the era mobile phones became much popular in Pakistan it made the life of people much easier. It has given much benefit to humanity. But due to the misuse of it many immature children are ruining their lives. At this time it is much common even in small children who have not entered their teenage life.

The world of internet too has grown at its extent. People had started their own business like creating blogs etc. The business of Web Pages and blogging had grew so much wider around the world that in country like Pakistan where over half of the population is illiterate has also emerged as a country, where the many people have started blogging.

However in Pakistan people had selected many wrong ways to market their blog. One of the main tool is they use keywords like “Girls mobile numbers from this or that city”. Although majority of the blogs which use such keywords do not contain mobile numbers but there are some blogs that are created only on the vision of self marketing in disguise of mobile numbers of girls.

Some are using pictures of girls and providing fake numbers and addresses which are not real.

Irrespective of this there also reports emerged of girls being blackmailed as they themselves exchange their mobile numbers on internet. Now the bloggers use such leaked mobile numbers with pictures of some other girls which they get through Google search.

Girls are requested not to show their pictures and numbers on social interaction sites like Facebook and others. They even should not update their personal cell numbers for email confirmation process in any site. As their numbers are not rightly protected. Their pictures are taken and used by some bloggers on fake mobile numbers. Try to keep yourself safe from such type of evil people.

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