Secret of Pictures (part 3)

Hello my dear friends, As I told you that  Zionists are working for their mission through secret ways and signs. All the economy of America is in their control and every politician is following their policies.

In these pictures, these signs are very common. You must have seen these signs before. Many of  TV stars, politicians and businessmen are showing these signs to us , but you may be not know of these signs’ secrets; basically they are saying we love Satan and we support his every step.

If you recall the history, all these American politicians are following the same path, which Zionists want. In this era if  you put a glance,  these politicians are killing Muslims, making conspiracy against Islam and making bad image of the Muslims in front of the world.

  • Attack on Afghanistan
  • Attack on Pakistani areas
  • Attack on Iraq
  • Dividing Muslims in many sects
  • Spreading sex in Muslim countries through media
  • Taking all Muslims leaders in their control.


By: Munawar Ali

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