Dead Poultry Meat Selling, Shopkeeper Arrested in JamPur

chickenJamPur: A shop raided and shopkeeper was arrested because of selling meat of dead chickens. According to sources, a shopkeeper was who sold the dead chicken meat in the area of a JamPur. This dead meat was being sold in cheap price Rs 140. A chicken costs around Rs. 220 at your local meat shop is sold for just Rs. 140 after its death. People started purchasing from him due to cheap price. Police received information that Mohammad Nadeem Qureshi was selling the meat of dead chickens in his shop. His Shop was raided and dead chickens were found inside the shop.  The meat of dead chickens was being seized by the police. Police registered a case and arrested the shopkeeper.

Health department and district administration is controlling sale of selling of dead chicken all over Pakistan. Health department keep monitoring and take measure action against such people. According to sources that such dead chicken meat is not only being consumed in homes but also supplied to hotels. White meat is being sold in large quantities in Raja bazaar, Kashmiri bazaar, Bazaar Talwaran, Jamia, Ratta Amral, Masjid Road Bakra Mandi, and several other areas of Rawalpindi.

In Jampur a Shop raided and shopkeeper was arrested due to selling meat of dead chickens. Not only the responsibility of Health department but also people’s responsibility that before purchasing any meat or goods, People should get that shop verified from where meat is being sold in cheap price.

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