Ghouri Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

ghouri expressGhouri Express train is the Pakistani train that runs between Lahore junction and Faisalabad. Ghouri Express train is running and carrying passengers successfully. There are many trains in Pakistan that are running between all major cities and its one of them. Railway is the economical and comfortable means of transport for people. A number of trains take people to Faisalabad railway station which includes Ghouri Express, Badar Express, Karakoram Express, Millat Express, Night coach, Pakistan express, Quetta Express and Shalimar Express.

To facilitate the passengers Ghouri Express train started their journey from Lahore 113 up and from Faisalabad named 114 down. According to the latest schedule the Ghouri Express 113 up Lahore to Faisalabad departs at 9 am and reaches Missan Kalar stop at 9:20 am, Qila Shikhupura Junction at 9:42 am, Safdarabad station at 10:12 am, Sangla Hill at 10:30 am and reaches Faisalabad at 11:25 am. Since 2012 the Pakistan Railway management gave approval to stop at Safdarabad station. The decision was made to be implemented for two months period but later it was made permanent.

The daily timings of Ghouri Express 114 down from Faisalabad to Lahore are from 15:30 to 17:50. The train departs daily at 15:30 and reaches Sangla Hill at 16:05, Safdarabad at 16:23, Qila Sheikhupura Junction at 16:58 and reaches Lahore Junction at 17:50. The train stops at each station for 2-5 minutes. For the facility of passengers the train runs daily between Lahore and Faisalabad. The rates are also economical.

You can contact Pakistan Railways Lahore at this contact number +92-42-99201941 for inquiring ticket prices or fare charges for all categories.

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