Fees of Rapid PCR test for travellers to UAE now Rs. 3,000

The fees for Rapid PCR test for passengers travelling to UAE has been revised recently, with a remarkable difference in numbers. Now, the rapid test will cost Rs.3000 to the travellers.

The rate of Rapid PCR test for passengers going to UAE has been reduced from Rs.5,000 to Rs.3,000 at the airport.

This reduction in price of the test will facilitate and help lots of people who are willing to travel to UAE with reasonable rates of rapid test.

Faisalabad Airport Manager Muhammad Anwar Zia said that on the direction of DG Civil Aviation Authority, the fees for Rapid PCR test have been reduced.

The general public has been informed that the Sindh Healthcare Commission in exercise of powers conferred under SHCC Act 2013 has issued the directive to all private sector hospitals, laboratories and associated collection centres of the revised reduced charges for Covid RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen Test as Under:

1. Covid RT-PCR Test in Hospital/Laboratory rates reduced from Rs.6500 to Rs.4500.

2. Covid RT-PCR Test in laboratory with Home Collection reduced from Rs.7500 to Rs.4800.

3. Rapid Antigen Testing in laboratory is reduced from rs1500-Rs.3000 to Rs.1200.

The revision in these above-mentioned tests’ rates will help public by facilitating them with reasonable Covid PCR tests as travellers specifically to UAE were mostly complaining about spending high amounts on these tests. Now they will relieved with these new rates of tests.

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