Good News For Foreign Immigrants In Saudi Arabia

mohammad bin naefGood news for the foreign immigrants settled in Saudi Arabia. The state department of Saudi Arabia has announced an extension of visas of the relatives of the foreign immigrants in Saudi Arabia who come to visit them in Saudi Arabia. According to sources, the relatives of the foreign immigrants are granted a visit visa to come and visit their relatives in Saudi Arabia. But now these relatives can have their visit visas extended to one year if they want.

According to the Al, the foreigners settled in Saudi Arabia had filed requests about this matter. The decision was taken by the Saudi Minister Mohammad Bin Nayef based on these applications. The final announcement was made on the night when the moon was sighted. Prior to this decision, an announcement had already been made that the period of the visas will not be extended after 28th June.

Director General Passport Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Hayyu has clarified that, foreigners visiting Saudi Arabia on a visit visa should have their visas extended before expiry and should file an application to the passport department. Failure to do so will be considered as an act of violation of the visa rules and regulations.

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