Fawad Khan Signs Second film In India

Fawad KhanThe Pakistani actor fawad Khan has made quite a mix here in India with his acting talent and good-looks. He catched many hearts of girls in India. According to reports, Fawad Khan has signed his next Bollywood film After Khoobsurat‘s success.  People want Fawad to see his acting talent specially girls. Now their wishes has accepted and now Fawad is doing his next movie.

The actor Fawad who went back home is thinking signing a film which would be controled by the Delhi Belly writer Akshat Verma. From what we heard of this script-in-the-pipeline so far, it would be an powerful drama with full of comedy, quite different from Fawad’s first film here. According to sources ,Pakistani Actor Fawad was excited at the option of signing this movie and seems like he would get stuffing to come back to India shortly as the film would start by November this year!

All the Fawad Khan’s fans cheer, our handsome prince is doing one more hit movie. what kind of role would you like to see Fawad in next moive after his first role as Prince Charming? Please comment us.

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