An Official Code Of Conduct Prepared For The Electronic Media

Islamabad: PEMRA has planned to apply a new restriction on broadcasting content against the Pakistan Republic. An official policy defining the behaviour of the private channels has been drafted by PEMRA that will be applicable on all private TV channels on approval. This new regulation has been written in reference to the electronic code of conduct 2014 PEMRA ordinance 2002.

According to this new ordinance, a ban will be imposed on the content published by those which have declared war against the republic of Pakistan. In addition, racial content and content against nationalism will also be prohibited. Content that propagate hatred will also be banned. Content that promotes drugs and are against harmony in religions will not be given a direct coverage. In addition, those killed in the terrorist activities will not be given direct coverage either. Remarks that have been eliminated by the chairman senate, speaker national assembly speaker of provincial assembly will also not be published.pemra

[alert-success]Interviews that display terrorists as heroes will also be banned and those programs that interview people who have a price on their heads will also not be shown. Political programs that criticize certain political parties will also be banned. Request to ban talk shows that affect court decisions has been given. No channel will be allowed to broadcast foreign content more than 10%.[/alert-success]

Special advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Irfan Siddique, will lead a 6 member committee that will prepare this ordinance. This ordinance will be prepared in collaboration with PBA, APNS and CPN.

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