Evolution of Sholan & Jadid Islands in the Red Sea

Sholan and JadidResearchers at a Saudi Arabian university while their research found out about the birth of two new islands in the Red Sea. The Volcanic Islands have been named ‘Sholan’ and ‘Jadid’ and are known to be volcanic Islands. The latest technology enables the researchers to keep observing the remote areas of the planet, the appearance of volcanic Islands on the face of earth is a phenomenon which is not observed very frequently. Thanks to the new technologies the studies and research in every field have taken a leap ahead. The researchers traced the Islands in the archaeological region of the ocean somewhere in-between Africa and Arabia.

The researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia came to know about the formation of volcanic Islands from the satellite Images of an oceanic area of the Red Sea. The formation actually took place as a result of series of Earth Quake which were not of severe magnitude. The Tectonic plates in the shallow sea area fell apart resulting in earthquakes of low magnitude and along with it eruption of small pieces of land which in essence are volcanically active.

Sholan when emerged after series of seismic activities was seen in early days by the Yemeni fishermen who were regular visitors of the area, they informed the relevant authorities. Later on the Yemeni Researchers visited the newly erupted small piece of land with a length of about 0.52 km and width of 0.77 km. The initial stage of formation started with the eruption of volcano in the shallower region of the sea although which was effected by constant inflow of sea water nevertheless it didn’t experienced any explosive eruption. The magma kept on felling on the already formed base resulting in growth of the island. Once everything settled down and eruption ended the Scientists from Yemen visited the island to study the behavior of formation of the Island. The magma and other deposits gave a shape to the island, wind also had an important role in shaping the piece of land.

Jadid emerged after the Sholan eruption. Months after the formation of Sholan series of six earthquakes all below 4 in magnitude trembled the area and along with it another submarine eruption started which continued for about two months resulting in the birth of semicircular piece of land which is almost twice the size of the Sholan that is diameter of 0.9 km approximately. Jadid is shaped like a rising cone from the sea. Corrosion on the southern part of the Island has made it to shrink over the period.

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