How to Increase Android Mobile Battery Life

How to Increase Android Mobile Battery LifeSmartphone particularly Android batteries are made in way that it would provide you max output if a person uses them in proper way. But somehow he does not pass to utilize them smartly and end up with less output and always continues looking for tips to enhance Android phone battery life. Yes, Akhbae nama will provide you best proven ways to extend battery for android mobile phones.

  • Unnecessary Apps

Searching and buffering lots of unnecessary apps of course influence mobile performance as well as provide more loads on battery which effects your battery may not last long. First of all you ought to keep away from installing lots of not needed applications on your android device. You are also able to make automatic brightness which will organize your device brightness according to outside lights.

  • Live wallpapers on Home screen

There are a lot of apps that would help to look and feel animated wall papers but remain them on home screen and all the time running is not a sensible idea.

  • Home screen widgets

There was able to be lots of benefits by getting few essential widgets on home screen. You ought to be responsive that they are not just sitting on your home screen and help you in many ways but they also use a lot of battery life.

  • Sleep smart with smartphone

You would install Android management apps like schedule your sleeping time when you may not require wifi, bluetooth and few other non needed apps/processes. This will help you to enhance android phone battery life and as well as increasing your own life.

  • Use power widget

Although it is told earlier to decrease widgets on home screen, but keeping Android’s integral power widget on the home screen will shock you by saving your android phone battery life. You would easily control ON or OFF for your GPS, screen brightness, Wifi and Bluetooth settings.

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