Zong Golden Number Booking, List & Franchise Details

ZongPeople love to have numbers which are easy to remember & unique such numbers are usually called Golden Numbers. But do you know the booking method, list & other details about it?

How to Book Zong Golden Number?

If you are interested in purchasing Zong special or golden numbers then you can do so through three methods.

1) Zong Franchise:

If you want to get a new Zong connection then you will most probably visit your nearest Zong franchise. Here you will be provided a list of numbers from which you can select your favourite number.

People think that they cannot purchase Golden Numbers from the franchise but it’s not true, the list available at franchises contains many special numbers which can be categorized as Golden Numbers.

But the availability of Golden numbers in franchise is a luck as unlike shop owners they do not separate such numbers.

2) Telecommunication Shops:

You can also get such numbers from telecommunication shops where many shop owners separate unique numbers and sell them. Such numbers are usually referred as Golden Numbers.

So if you visit any shop ask him to show Golden Numbers and you will be provided with a list of unique numbers. But remember the price and cost of these SIMs will be higher.

3) Online:

As the demand of the Golden Number increased many people started it as a profitable business. There are multiple websites & Facebook Pages which deals with only Golden Numbers.

You can choose the number online, order it and the SIM will be delivered at your doorsteps. Many people and shop owners also sell these numbers through websites such as OLX.

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Golden Numbers are usually available for Zong Prepaid connection though you can also get golden numbers for your postpaid connection. Previously Zong allowed Advance Booking online but now that facility is not available.

For more information and details visit nearest Zong franchise. You can also contact them through their official website or their helpline (310) or UAN number (111-222-111).

But beware many people are being sold simple and ordinary numbers while charged with high rates in the name of Golden Numbers. Make sure to check your number before payment by using the code *8#, this is the easiest way to check your Zong number.

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