Driverless Truck Gets License For US Roads

Driverless TruckIn this modern world where the trail of a remote control passenger aircraft has been demonstrated successfully, experts from the German automobile company Dailmer has developed a truck that is able to run on the roads without any driver. According to an international news agency, the newly developed trucks have only been approved for use on public roads in Nevada, the desert state of United States.

This driverless autonomous truck is equipped with not only Sensors, WiFi and Camera but it also have a unique system that makes it attentive from other vehicles running on the road. It scans road with radar and camera to drive itself on highways with the ability to process and read road signs. This driverless truck is also able to steer, accelerate and react with no help from the humans on highways.

“Nevada is proud to be making transportation history today by hosting the first U.S. public highway drive for a licensed autonomous commercial truck. The application of this innovative technology to one of America’s most important industries will have a lasting impact on our state and help shape the New Nevada economy,” said Brian Sandoval, the governor of Nevada.

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