Passport renewal to be Made Easy at All Domestic & Foreign Passport Offices

Pakistan passportIslamabad: Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali has directed to made passport renewals easy as according to his orders, passport can be renew from all domestic and foreign passport offices. However, Interior Minister by taking notice of media reports has ordered to Directorate General of Immigration and Passport to implement this new policy within one month.

According to the statement of spokesperson of Interior Minister, guidance of media is encouraging for the remedy of public problems and to improve systems of government organizations.

[junkie-alert style=”white”]It is pertinent to mention that according to the old policy, renewal of passport was only possible from the passport offices located in the city which is mentioned in your National Identity Card (NIC).[/junkie-alert]

This new policy of passport renewal will help many people through which applicant can renew their passport from any passport office in the country or abroad. As we know that expiry of passport brings lots of hurdles in our way due to which we want to renew our passport as soon as possible. However there will be no need in the future to visit to your own city’s passport offices for renewal as you will be able to renew your passport from any domestic or foreign passport offices in case of emergency.

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