Dawood Ibrahim Worries The Indian Intelligence Again

New Delhi: There was a time when the name of the Underworld King Dawood Ibrahim created a wave of terror in the hearts of the Indian government and the law enforcement agencies, but with time the influence of Dawood Ibrahim was diminished. Dawood Ibrahim is however back in the scene with his latest ploy of uniting with none other than, Boko Haram, to sell drugs in India. This latest new development has sent a new wave of terror in the security department of India.

According to the latest report published on the website of DNA, the Indian law enforcement agencies are concerned with the ties developed between the Nigerian extremist groups Boko Haram. According to sources, Dawood Ibrahim’s brother, Anees Ibrahim, visited Nigeria to meet the leader of Boko Haram, Abu Bakar Shakao.

Boko Haram has developed a new interest in the drug market of India and is also in need of finance. So Saud Ibrahim’s assistance is required to smuggle drugs into India. Indian Intelligence reported that Boko Haram intends to sell drugs in India through the wide gang network of Dawood Ibrahim. The supply will be obtained from Dawood Ibrahim but Boko Haram will handle the smuggling part. As Dawood Ibrahim’s people are under strong police surveillance, Boko Haram’s people can ideally do the job. Indian agencies report that currently 2000 Nigerian drug sellers operating in India. These drug sellers were operating individually, but Boko Haram will unite them under one umbrella.

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