Riyadh Imams Under Investigation For Not Condemning Terrorist Attacks

riyadh imamsRiyadh: 17 Imams of the mosques in Saudi Arabia have been brought under investigations by the Saudi Government for not talking against the terrorist attack of 4th July on the Saudi boarders. According to details, after the terrorist attack on the Saudi border, the Ministry of Islamic matters and religious guidance had instructed the Imams of the mosques of Saudi Arabia to mention the attacks and then specifically talk against the terrorist attacks in their Friday sermons.

Apparently, 17 Imams have been brought under investigations as according to a senior Saudi official, the 17 Imams of the mosques of Riyadh didn’t follow the instructions and their Friday sermons had no mention of the terrorist attacks. The terrorist attacks on 4th July were claimed by Al Qaeda, which was targeted at the army base camped at the border of the southern province of Saudi Arabia, Sharurah which resulted in the death of one Saudi commander. The Saudi attack on the terrorist in response left about 3 terrorists dead.

The Imams will be investigated about why they didn’t condemn the attacks by Al Qaeda in their sermons. If the Imams are proven guilty, they will have to face punishments.

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